Marriage and Sex Counseling

Marriage and Sex Counseling

    Persons based outside Pune or those who do not wish to come personally to the clinic can seek marriage and sex counseling online on the internet or on the phone to resolve marriage and sex problems. This service is primarily meant for Indians living in India or elsewhere in the world, yet individuals from other cultures and nationalities who can communicate well in English can also contact Dr. Sudhir Gesota.

    Advantage of Online/telephonic Sex Counseling and Therapy

    When you think about therapy, especially when it pertains to sex and marriage, online advice may not be something that comes to your mind. However, in today's world of ever advancing technology and where many things are based on the internet, it is logical that online Sex Counseling and Therapy be an option worth considering.Unlike traditional therapy, which means personally visiting a sexual health doctor, the major benefit of online Sex Counseling and Therapy is that it can save time and avoids embarrassment. Some persons, especially women, feel extremely ashamed to face a stranger with sexual issues. Online Sex Counseling and Therapy is also better, because you receive unbiased and professional help in the privacy of your own home.

    Professional Fees & Transfer of Funds for online/telephonic advice.

    If you wish to have online/telephonic counseling and therapy, please read the following lines carefully.When you call for the first time, identify yourself and state very briefly the nature of your complaint. If your problem is such that could possibly be resolved through telephonic/online counseling, Dr. Sudhir Gesota. would advise you accordingly. He will mention the amount you would have to pay for the consultation.

    After the following conditions are met, you can consult Dr. Sudhir Gesota. on the phone/internet and seek counseling and treatment for your relationship or sexual problem.You will have to transfer/deposit by cheque or cash fees in advance for the first consultation. Only after the funds are transferred will the consultation take place.You can deposit the entire amount directly in Dr. Sudhir Gesota. bank account by cash/ cheque or an online transfer. Dr. Sudhir Gesota. will inform you how to effect the transfer by SMS/email. Alternatively you can send the amount by Money Order or Demand Draft by registered post and payable to Dr. Sudhir Gesota. Mumbai, on the address mentioned below.

    Dr. Sudhir Gesota.

    1 Rajneel opp. Lions Club junction of Ganesh gavde rd. & V.P. Rd., Mulund,
    Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080 Phone : 098929 96338

    The consultation may resolve your problems but if you need medication and/or additional tests, you may be advised to do them in your city/town. If you need medicines that are available in your home town, Dr. Sudhir Gesota. would speak with your regular doctor and suggest a line of treatment.If your problem remains unsolved for any reason please come personally for a proper personal consultation, clinical examination followed by counseling and treatment. Dr. Sudhir Gesota. will clarify this with you.