Sources of Homeopathic Medicines

Sources of Homeopathic Medicines

    What are Homeopathic Medicines made of?

    Homeopathic medicines are prepared largely from naturally occurring substances – plant kingdom, mineral kingdom and animal kingdom. When these substances are diluted as per homeopathic guidelines, these substances lose their natural toxicity and only the medicinal curative properties remain active. Mainly plants and minerals are used as base substances.

    How are Homeopathic medicines tested?

    Most countries where Homeopathy is well established have a central regulating authority. In the United States, for instance, there is the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States (HPCUS).

    The profile efficacy of a medicine is determined by a process called "Proving". Homeopaths have formulated rules for the conduct of provings.

    Homeopathy is the only science where medicines are proved on healthy human beings. Depending on the sensitivity of the subject, another round of trials may be conducted in these provers.

    Once the dose is given to a patient in a minute form, the patient reacts and develops sign and symptoms. These sign and symptoms are nicely recorded in the form of materia medica and are stored in the form of repertory so that they can be used clinically later.

    Medicines Register

    Homeopathic doctors refer back to comprehensive drug and symptom databases called "Materia Medica." The first of this was compiled by Dr. Hahnemann and is called "Materia Medica Pura". Materia Medica runs now into several volumes detailing all symptoms of about 3000 medicines and their dosages. To cross check information homeopaths also use a quick reference known as a repertory. This is like an index of symptoms citing references to a materia medica.

    To help you we have exclusively created a soft ware which has 100,000 pages with 300 volumes of information, 5000 research articles and millions of symptoms which can exactly match with your complaints. Using this software we can quickly refer and cross check the case details and give you the exact medicine which suits your personality.

    Preparation of homeopathic medicines

    Homeopathic medicines are prepared from miniscule quantities of plant, animal, mineral kingdom. A small portion is dissolved in water or vehicle and shaken, diluted again and shaken. Repeated dilution leaves hardly a trace of the original substance. By doing this process of potentization the latent energy is released from the medicinal substance.This agrees well with the Homeopathic dictum; medication should be in the minimum possible dose.

    Today's scientific thinking questions this, as the level of dilutions leaves a minimal part of the original substance, which is well below the Avogadro's number, i.e. the original form of the substance is not present in the homeopathically prepared medicine. The only thing that the medicine has is the energy evolved from the medicinal substance. It gets into the dynamic state and as there is no large quantity of medicinal substance there are no side effects.

    Are Homeopathic Medicines Safe?

    Homeopathic medications are safe because the original substance is present in minimal quantities. One of homeopathy's tenets is to do no harm. Sometimes homeopathic medication is known to produce "aggravations" or increase in the symptoms. This is a positive initial reaction to the medication as the body starts heading towards cure.

    Precaution in Diet with homeopathic medicine

    As medicines are left to be absorbed on the tongue the patient is advised to abstain from eating or drinking any thing 15 minutes before and after taking the medicine. Also minimise or avoid raw onion, raw garlic, coffee, menthol, camphor or any strong smelling substances. These may act as antidotes to the homeopathic medicines.